“I finally have friends other than from college or work! But really, it’s nice to have an outlet with people who have the same drive and passion as you, in a place that does so much for my well being. Crossfit is my best stress relief, and I think that translates into my work and personal life as well.”

– Robyn L.

It is the best gym experience that I have ever had, and Crossfit is the way to go to get in the best shape regardless of your age.
— Anthony S.

“Don’t be intimidated by everyone else. Don’t be intimidated by not knowing the movements. Give it a real chance, be open-minded, and listen to the coaches. If someone like me with no experience and no real strength can be this much of an advocate for Crossfit after only two years, it obviously works!”

– Will D.

…my experience at Reebok CrossFit has been fantastic. The gym has good energy and a positive environment. The coaches are truly passionate and knowledgeable. I feel like I am learning something new each and every time. I’m very happy I made the decision to join.

“In all honesty, just meeting good people and creating a bond has been and will always be my lasting memory from CrossFit Uptown.  When CrossFit talks about “community” you don’t completely understand it until you get involved.”  - Kamal M.

Crossfit is challenging but also rewarding.  It will expose your weaknesses but Crossfit will strengthen those weaknesses, making you a better and healthier person.
— Shernicka S.