What is Fundamentals?

The Fundamentals program is an in depth introduction to CrossFit and the essential movements.  During these classes we'll teach you the proper technique and modifications of various bodyweight, weightlifting and gymnastic movements.  Completing this program will ensure you are prepared to fully participate in our CrossFit classes in a safe and productive manner!

  • The program consists of six, 1 hour long, private or small group sessions with one of our best Reebok CrossFit Trainers.

  • You will learn the proper form and mechanics of various barbell and gymnastic movements commonly seen in a class setting.

  • We also educate athletes on appropriate frequencies of training, volume of training, modifications, rest and recovery.


To schedule your Fundamental classes please email



we are known for our EXTRAORDINARY intro program!

Once you have completed the 6 classes you will immediately have unlimited access to all of our CrossFit Classes.

*ALL 6 classes MUST be SCHEDULED prior to arrival*

Fundmental times tend to vary. Please contact us to schedule your sessions!